Every Child Deserves the Magic

Every Child Deserves the Magic

Every Child Deserves the MagicEvery Child Deserves the Magic

Our 2019 Applicants Have Been Selected!

Our recipient families for the 2019 holiday season have been selected and notified via email. Thank you to everyone that applied and Merry Christmas!

Are You Eligible for Holiday Assistance?

Who Should Apply

  You must be an employed, working parent with a current, verifiable job to be eligible for A Working Family's Christmas assistance.

 Look at the income chart below. Find your household size. Find your total household income. If total household income is the SAME or LESS than the amount on the chart, fill out the application below.  If members in the household are paid at different times during the month and you are unsure if your household is eligible, fill out an application and we will determine your income eligibility for you. The information you give will be used to determine your family's eligibility for holiday assistance and is completely confidential. Eligible families that are selected  will receive age-appropriate gifts for their children and a holiday meal. 


Additional Information

 HOUSEHOLD is defined as all persons, including parents, children, grandparents, and all people related or unrelated who live in your home and share living expenses. If applying for a household with a foster child, you may include the foster child in the total household size. 

HOUSEHOLD INCOME is considered to be the income each household member received before taxes. This includes wages, social security, pension, unemployment, welfare, child support, alimony, and any other cash income. If including a foster child as part of the household, you must also include the foster child’s personal income. Do not report foster payments as income.  

If a required field does not apply to you, put "NA" in the text field.

Have Questions?

Application for Holiday Assistance